President Donald J. Trump’s Great American Comeback Story

“America is thriving, America is flourishing, and yes, America is winning again like never before.” – President Donald J. Trump

RESTORING AMERICAN STRENGTH AND SUCCESS: President Donald J. Trump has worked to deliver a new era of American strength and prosperity.

  • Over the past 3 years, President Trump has delivered an incredible comeback for our great Nation.
  • President Trump is following through on his promises and championing reforms that put American families and workers first.
  • President Trump is laying out an optimistic vision about how we can continue this progress and build a better future for all.
UNLEASHING THE AMERICAN ECONOMY: President Trump has revitalized the economy and unleashed a new wave of prosperity for all Americans.
  • The President’s policies have given new life to the American economy, delivering prosperity and new hope for American workers and businesses.
  • Incomes are rising, poverty and welfare rolls are falling, and millions of jobs are being added, resulting in historically low unemployment rates.
  • Americans of all backgrounds are thriving, and workers are coming off the sidelines.
  • This economic revolution is leaving no American behind – with the lowest income workers seeing the biggest gains.
  • Under President Trump, America is leading the world in oil and natural gas production – creating jobs and driving growth across the country and increasing energy independence.
FIGHTING FOR FAIR TRADE: President Trump is ending the years of disastrous trade deals and igniting a blue collar boom for American workers.
  • President Trump has rejected the calamitous trade policies of the past and is securing fair, reciprocal trade deals that put Americans first.
  • The President delivered on his promise to renegotiate NAFTA, replacing it with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).
  • The President has confronted China for its trade abuses, imposing historic tariffs and achieving a Phase One Agreement that protects our intellectual property and boosts exports.
  • President Trump’s efforts have restored America’s manufacturing might and created a boom of new, high-paying blue collar jobs for American workers.
CHAMPIONING AMERICA’S WORKING FAMILIES: President Trump’s economic agenda is helping American workers and their families get ahead. 
  • President Trump is calling on Congress to support his plan to provide vocational training at every high school in America.
  • The President has led the way on workforce development to ensure all Americans have the training and education they need to thrive.
  • The President is asking Congress to expand paid parental leave to every family in the country – following legislation he signed providing paid parental leave for Federal employees.
  • To leave a better America for future generations to come, President Trump announced the United States will join the One Trillion Trees Initiative.
PROVIDING EDUCATIONAL FREEDOM: President Trump is committed to ensuring that every young American has the chance to pursue the best possible education for themselves. 
  • President Trump is calling on Congress to pass the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunity Act and give 1 million Americans the freedom to attend a school of their choice.
  • President Trump wants to ensure that no parent is forced to send his or her child to a failing school or one that is not a good fit.
  • The President has invested nearly $1.5 billion in the development of public charter schools, helping these schools grow to serve more than 3 million students.
SMART AND SAFE IMMIGRATION: President Trump is fulfilling his promise to secure our southern border and fix our broken immigration system.
  • The Trump Administration is working on legislation to transform American immigration into a system based on merit.
  • President Trump is delivering on his promise to build the border wall, with more than 100 miles of construction already completed and more on the way.
  • The President successfully negotiated agreements with multiple countries in the region to stop the surge of migrants flooding to our border.
  • President Trump is empowering our immigration enforcement officers and protecting our communities from uncontrolled migration, dangerous criminals, and lethal drugs.
PUTTING PATIENTS FIRST: President Trump is empowering patients by working to lower drug prices and increase access to high-quality, affordable healthcare options for all.
  • President Trump is expanding affordable healthcare options after the disaster of Obamacare.
  • President Trump is combating high drug prices and is delivering results.
  • The President has increased transparency in healthcare to empower patients and is committed to ending surprise medical billing.
  • President Trump has worked to promote quality care for all American patients, including Americans struggling with addiction.
DEFENDING LIFE AND LIBERTY: President Trump has been a steadfast advocate for the American values that we all cherish.
  • President Trump has defended religious liberty here and around the world.
  • President Trump has unequivocally stood for the life of the unborn and became the first president to attend the annual March for Life rally.
  • President Trump has stood up for Americans’ First and Second Amendment rights.
RESTORING AMERICAN LEADERSHIP: President Trump has taken action to ensure America is once again respected throughout the world.
  • The President is rebuilding America’s military, securing nearly $2.2 trillion for our Nation’s defense over his first 3 years in office.
  • President Trump worked with Congress to establish the Space Force, the first new branch of the military since 1947.
  • President Trump has defeated the ISIS territorial caliphate, eliminated their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and launched a decisive strike to kill Iran’s terrorist general Qassem Soleimani.
  • The President is pursuing transformational peace around the world, including releasing his bold vision for peace between Israel and the Palestinian people.
  • The President is putting an end to the endless wars that have cost our country for too long.

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