Democrat plans for the U.S. have been developing over many years. A key Democrat target has been the public schools and colleges, where the students learned skepticism—that they cannot hope to know anything with certitude. Lacking knowledge, skeptics operate on emotions only.

The Democrat strategy is to stoke emotions; history shows that they do not call for intellectual debates. The Democrat emotional appeal method promotes demonstrations, some leading to riots and fostering the chaos that makes people opt for tyranny or totalitarianism simply to get order into their lives.

Likewise, the Democrat playbook is to divide the country into special-interest groups based on race, gender, ethnic background, income bracket, worker type, and anything else they can devise. Then, to gain their votes, they stir each group’s emotions against Republican ideas, using character assassination and fake news (i.e., lies) as their latest means. They team with the leaders of these groups, who profit in fame and fortune, but only by keeping the groups isolated and offended. They team with ultra-large private enterprises, such as Wall Street, mainstream media, universities, and Pharma, that they can favor with legislation and bailouts in exchange for their support.

Ultimately, the Democrats want government control of all aspects of our lives. They call it Socialism, but it is really Communism, a form of government that in its various permutations—National Socialism (Nazi), Communism, Maoism, Castroism, etc.—has resulted in the execution of over 100 million dissenters and impoverished masses of workers whose labor supports the government elite.

In Socialism, government-run industries are monopolies, run by government, party, and often wealthy elites.  Because the people have no alternatives, these monopolies need not be responsive to the needs of the public. If these elites were good angels rather than corruptible humans, the system might work. Because they are human, they are easily corrupted with money and power, as history has shown. That the Democrats have implemented many of their plans can be seen by the following list of Democrat misdeeds that have undermined the original intent of the checks-and-balance U.S Constitution and the overall welfare of Americans.

You can expect the Democrats to try to discredit everything on this list. They will say that many items are old history, many deeds have been amended and corrected, many descriptions are either misleading or erroneous, many descriptions do not tell the whole story, etc. The references are given for each item in the list. Let the debunkers give their references. The debunkers are the very ones who have succeeded in maintaining the status quo, with distressed minorities remaining distressed while their leaders prosper.

The Economy

 Jobs and the Economy

  1. Democrat claim: The $787 billion America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) will spur economic growth during the Great Recession (the final figure was $825 billion).[1]
    Reality:  Average household income decreased, 6.3 million people were driven below the poverty line, and billions were lost in grants to solar-energy companies ($0.5 billion on Solyndra alone).[2]
  1. Democrat claim: The ARRA rescued the country from the Great Recession, cutting the unemployment rate from 10% to 4.7% over six years.[3]
    Reality:  The labor participation rate steadily decreased from 66% in 2008 to 63% in 2017.[4] People had given up looking for work; therefore, the unemployment rate was no longer a true indicator of success.
  1. Democrat claim: Bailing out GM and Chrysler saved the US auto industry (Ford did not want to be included).[5]
    Reality:  The government violated bankruptcy laws, caused large losses to auto-industry bond holders and stock holders[6], gave (not sold) the United Auto Workers union much of the company stock, and cost taxpayers a net of over $9 billion.[7]
  1. Democrat claim: The Cash-for-Clunkers program will put more people to work and reduce pollution.[8]
    Reality: People who were soon to buy new cars bought them early, capitalizing on the grant from the government (i.e., taxpayers) so any immediate benefit was reversed in the next year or so.[9]
  1. Democrat claim: The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act will stimulate people to pay their credit-card debt more quickly. [10]
    Reality:  The Act caused fees and interest rates to increase.[11]
  1. Democrat claim: The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act will save the financial industry by re-regulating it.[12]
    Reality:  The Act destroyed many small banks that needed no reform and made getting loans more difficult for small businesses.[13]
  1. Democrat claim: Spending a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs will increase employment.[14]
    Reality:  There were no “shovel-ready” jobs so the funds were either not spent or spent on insignificant jobs.[15] There is no evidence that the funds changed the employment rate.
  1. Democrat claim: A government threat against Boeing will make the new airliner be built by union labor, thereby helping workers.[16]
    Reality:  Washington State, where Boeing is unionized, offered new tax incentives if Boeing built the new airliner in the state. The new incentives were designed to offset the union’s higher wages. The incentives caused a loss in tax revenue that was offset by higher taxes for individual taxpayers. Boeing agreed to build the new airliner in both Washington and South Carolina.[17]
  1. Democrat claim: Raising the minimum wage will decrease poverty.[18]
    Reality:  In the short run, income increases for some people while others lose their jobs. In the long run, poverty increases.[19]

 Job-Stifling Regulations

  1. Democrat claim: The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act will combat pay discrimination against women, correcting the shortcomings of Title VII by extending the discrimination period to the time of employment.[20]
    Reality:  Lawyers are enriched from this opening of all employers to lawsuits due to discrimination in the distant past.[21] Before this act was passed, only recent discrimination cases could be litigated.

Fair trade 

  1. Democrat claim: Agreeing to the terms of the Trans-Pacific Partnership will help U.S. workers and companies.[22]
    Reality:  TPP terms would have favored foreign countries and hurt U.S. workers and companies.[23]
  1. Democrat claim: Keeping corporate taxes much higher than in foreign countries would increase government revenues.[24]
    Reality:  Higher taxes resulted in higher production costs, so U.S. companies moved out of the U.S., hurting U.S. workers.[25]
  1. Democrat claim: Removing all sanctions against Communist Cuba would improve life for Cubans.[26]
    Reality:  Poor Democrat negotiating skills resulted in not getting any reciprocal concessions that would improve life for Cubans (e.g., freeing political prisoners, instituting democracy).[27]
  1. Democrat claim: Instituting the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) would help U.S. workers and companies.[28]
    Reality:  Poor Democrat negotiating skills resulted in NAFTA continuing to favor foreign countries and hurting U.S. workers and companies.[29]

Public Safety

 Protecting the U.S. Homeland 

  1. Democrat claim: The landmark Iran Nuclear Deal would result in peace in the Middle East.[30]
    Reality:  Poor Democrat negotiating skills resulted in assuring that Iran will become a nuclear power, funded Iran’s terrorism program by sending $150 billion to Iran ($400 million in small bills on a secret flight) and will ensure that Iran remains an unsettling force in the Middle East.[31]
  1. Democrat claim: Stopping the deportation of criminal illegal immigrants, releasing them after they serve their prison sentences, is “the right thing to do” and gained Hispanic votes for Democrat candidates.[32]
    Reality:  Releasing criminals increased crime in the U.S. The Democrats offer no standard for right and wrong, while invoking the phrase “the right thing to do.”[33]
  1. Democrat claim: Publicly reversed some “Bush-era” torture policies because torture is not in keeping with who U.S. citizens are.[34]
    Reality:  The torture policies existed long before the Bush era. Hillary Clinton maintained, however, that torture would be justified in extreme cases.  Now that the threat of torture was removed, prisoners can be more defiant.[35]
  1. Democrat claim: An executive fiat implementing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is “the right thing to do,” although it allowed as many as five million people living in the U.S. illegally to avoid deportation and receive work permits.[36]
    Reality:  Circumventing Congress was a violation of the Constitutional separation of powers, which relegates law-making powers to Congress, and thereby weakened the Constitutional structure of the U.S. government.[37]  Many criminals were admitted to the U.S. under DACA.[38]
  1. Democrat claim: Suing Arizona for enforcing federal immigration law, while the Federal government did not enforce the law, was justified because the immigration law was unjust.[39]
    Reality:  This selective enforcement of laws by the Federal government weakened the structure of the U.S. government, especially because the executive branch effectively overrode the legislative branch. This particular obstruction of law enforcement resulted in the freeing of criminal illegal immigrants into the U.S. society.[40]
  1. Democrat claim: The government’s Fast & Furious program, a gun-running scheme designed to have U.S. government provide weapons to Mexican drug cartels, would decrease gun-running and murders.[41]
    Reality:  The program resulted in the deaths of as many as 100 people, including U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for failing to provide information on the program, and Attorney General Ronald Machen refused to charge Holder.[42]
  1. Democrat claim: The killing of four Americans in Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video.[43]
    Reality:  Repeated lying by Federal government officials, even while the premeditated attack was observed by Obama on television, and the absence of action to save the four U.S. citizens, permitted culpable government officials from being held accountable and possibly discharged [44]. The lying has led to a decrease in the respect and confidence U.S. citizens have in the government.
  1. Democrat claim: No harm would be done if a private server was installed in Hillary Clinton’s house and used for government business, including classified business.[45]
    Reality:  Emails to and from this server could not be obtained by a FOIA, thereby reducing government transparency. Classified information was illegally exchanged via this unsecure server, which operated on public networks.[46] This violation of U.S. laws on dealing with classified materials, done without penalty, demoralized many who respect their clearances, decreased the respect and confidence U.S. citizens have in the government, and jeopardized the security of the U.S. due to the easily hacked server that contained classified information, including the names of intelligence agents.
  1. Democrat claim: “Catch and release” of illegal immigrants, which enabled immigrants to disappear into our country, would not increase illegal immigration or crimes by illegal immigrants.[47]
    Reality:  The policy resulted in an increase in the number of illegal immigrants, including criminals, in the U.S. and a decrease in the respect and confidence U.S. citizens have in the government.[48]
  1. Democrat claim: Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s abuse of classified information and the rules regarding safeguarding classified information is unwarranted.[49]
    Reality:  A grave injustice was committed by the absence of an investigation of violations of U.S. laws dealing with classified materials. People lost respect for the FBI.[50]
  1. Democrat claim: Firing of all 93 U.S. attorney generals in 1995 was justified.[51]
    Reality:  Firing some that focused on the prior president’s policies is standard practice, but not firing all 93.  Replacing U.S. attorney generals unsympathetic to the administration’s programs and policies destroys the impartiality that is needed in the Department of Justice.[52]
  1. Democrat claim: Freeing the Guantanamo prisoners would decrease worldwide terrorism.[53]
    Reality:  Many of the freed prisoners re-joined terrorist groups and became active in these groups.[54]
  1. Democrat claim: Freeing felons and allowing them to vote is “the right thing to do.”[55]
    Reality:  Felons are thereby punished less than they expected.  Because the freeing was done by Democrats, felons are more likely to vote for Democrats (60,000 felons were freed in Virginia, just in time to vote for Hillary Clinton).[56]
  1. Democrat claim: Freeing Bradley (Chelsea) Manning, a soldier who leaked highly classified information to Wikileaks, “is the right thing to do.”[57].
    Reality:  Freeing Bradley (Chelsea) Manning shocked those who have security clearances.  The leaks laid bare some of the nation’s most-sensitive secrets and endangered information sources.[58]
  1. Democrat claim: Giving nuclear technology to Iran would not result in its development of nuclear weapons.[59]
    Reality:  Iran is using this technology and capability to develop nuclear weapons.[60]
  1. Democrat claim: Accepting immigrants from Syria is an impartial process.[61]
    Reality:  A greatly disproportionate number of Muslims were admitted to the U.S., as compared to the number of Christians.  Christians were escaping persecution by the Muslim government of Syria.[62]

Law Enforcement

  1. Democrat claim: Investigation and prosecution of the Black Panthers in Philadelphia for intimidating voters, as evident in video images, was unwarranted.[63]
    Reality:  Voters were effectively denied their voting rights. [64] Citizens have lost their confidence in the impartiality of elections.[65]
  1. Democrat claim: Current procedures and actions are adequate for validating voter rolls and voter identification; therefore, voter photo-identification cards are unwarranted.[66]
    Reality:   Many more people are on election rolls than are eligible to vote[67]. Without voter photo-identification, others can vote in place of the “ghost” voters.[68] Citizens are losing confidence in the validity of elections.[69]
  1. Democrat claim: Assassinated Anwar Awlaki, a U.S. citizen, without due process was justified.[70]
    Reality:  The assassination, conducted by the executive branch, is a violation of the Constitution. Thereby the Constitutional structure of the U.S. government is undermined.[71]
  1. Democrat claim: President Obama’s commuting the sentences of nearly 1200 drug offenders to reverse “unjust and outdated prison sentences,” bringing his total to a record of 1715 commutations, was “the right thing to do.”[72]
    Reality:  The drug offenders are thereby punished less than they expected.  Because they were freed by a Democrat, they can be expected to vote for Democrats.
  1. Democrat claim: President Obama conducted war in Libya legally but without Congressional authorization.[73]
    Reality:  Because this act violates the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, the action weakened the constitutional basis for the U.S. government. In addition, the result has been chaos in Libya.[74]
  1. Democrat claim: Identifying the troops that killed Osama bin Laden was acceptable.[75]
    Reality:  Identifying the people made them likely targets for retaliation. Some were shot down in a helicopter in Afghanistan.[76]
  1. Democrat claim: The Defense of Marriage Act, a law passed by Congress, is unwarranted and should not be enforced.[77]
    Reality:  This selective enforcement of laws by the Federal government weakened the structure of the U.S. government, because the executive branch refused to enforce a law passed by the legislative branch.[78]
  1. Democrat claim: No justification is required in the Department of Justice’s refusal to prosecute federal officers in the shooting death of an unarmed D.C. suburban mother (Miriam Carey).[79]
    Reality:  The secrecy of the Department of Justice in this case of excessive police force against a Black woman undermines the respect for law in the U.S.[80]


  1. Democrat claim: Because guns cannot readily be outlawed directly, depleting the supply of bullets by the government’s purchasing of all bullets is beneficial.[81]
    Reality:  Depleting the bullet supply thwarts the purpose of the Second Amendment, thereby undermining the U.S. Constitution and reducing the capability of people to defend themselves.[82]
  1. Democrat claim: Because guns cannot readily be outlawed directly, hampering businesses that sold guns is beneficial.[83]
    Reality:  Hampering gun-selling businesses thwarts the purpose of the Second Amendment, thereby undermining the U.S. Constitution. [84]
  1. Democrat claim: To prevent gun violence, all guns should be confiscated from the citizens.[85]
    Reality:  The Supreme Court has ruled that individual citizens are entitled to own guns. This goal of the Democrat Party violates the Second Amendment, thereby undermining the U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court.[86]

Restoring Confidence in and Respect for America

  1. Democrat claim: Repealing the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and allowing sexually active homosexuals to serve in the military is merely justice for homosexuals.[87]
    Reality:  Allowing openly practicing homosexual people to serve in the military causes a loss of privacy and confidence in sexual safety for military people who are not homosexual.[88]
  1. Democrat claim: The Hate Crimes Prevention Act makes it a federal crime to assault anyone based on sexual or gender identification.[89]
    Reality: The idea of hate crimes is ill conceived because the government has no principles by which it identifies classes of people that are targets of hatred[90], especially when the identifying feature of the class is not innate; therefore, the selection is arbitrary.[91]  For example, the classes do not explicitly include Christians.
  1. Democrat claim: Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”[92]
    Reality:  Unlike all other Nobel Peace Prizes, this award, granted at the beginning of Obama’s presidency, was based on the hope that he would act to promote peace and not on actual accomplishments.[93]  Some might now see the Prize as politically motivated.
  1. Democrat claim: The U.S. needs to apologize for prior U.S. diplomatic actions.[94]
    Reality:  Diplomacy through weakness, “leading from behind,” caused a loss of confidence by U.S. allies and emboldened its potential enemies; e.g., Russia took Crimea from Ukraine and worldwide terrorism increased.[95]
  1. Democrat claim: U.S. Army defector (Bowe Bergdahl) was a prisoner of war.[96]
    Reality:  Bergdahl was a deserter.  In addition, five terrorist leaders were exchanged for a soldier (Bergdahl) who had abandoned his combat position and fled to the enemy. Some of these freed terrorist leaders returned to fight and kill U.S. troops. [97]
  1. Democrat claim: Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel[98] so the U.S. Embassy should remain in Tel Aviv.
    Reality:  Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people since prior to the time of King Herod. Refusing to acknowledge this is an insult to Israel, our ally.[99]
  1. Democrat claim: The U.S. was right in supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in the overthrow of President Mubarak in Egypt.[100]
    Reality:  Mubarak maintained order in Egypt. When he was overthrown, chaos resulted and many Christians were martyred.[101]

Boosting U.S. Energy Dominance 

  1. Democrat claim: Increasing fuel efficiency standards for cars to an average of 54.5 mpg by 2025 is possible and worthwhile and would increase automobile costs by only $2,100.[102]
    Reality:  The fuel efficiencies may not be achievable without sacrificing the safety of occupants since automobiles would need to be smaller and lighter.[103]
  1. Democrat claim: Renewable energy resources must be developed to make the U.S. energy independent by 2020.[104]
    Reality:  Thanks to fracking, the U.S. is energy independent and will be for over 100 years. The U.S. now exports natural gas and coal. Limiting energy sources to renewable resources would greatly increase the cost of living because this energy costs much more than energy from fossil fuels.[105]
  1. Democrat claim: A “cap-and-trade” policy, which allows companies trade pollution credits between companies or to pay the government for their own pollution, would reduce greenhouse gases.[106]
    Reality:  This policy was instituted by the EPA, violating the separation of powers by bypassing Congress and the Constitution,[107] in a move that would bankrupt coal-power companies and cause massive lay-offs of workers.[108] The trading of credits would distort the economics of power production.
  1. Democrat claim: Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico can be stopped by executive order, if necessary.[109]
    Reality:  President Obama’s administration was held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.[110]
  1. Democrat claim: The permit granted years ago for mining coal at Arch Coal’s Spruce No. 1 mine must be revoked to reduce greenhouse gases.[111]
    Reality:  Revoking the permit undermines the permit process and, effectively, is a confiscation of private property without the financial compensation required by law.[112]

Promoting Peace Through Strength 

  1. Democrat claim: The war in Iraq is ended, so withdrawing the troops is justified.[113]
    Reality:  ISIS dominated the country after U.S. troops were withdrawn. (ISIS was defeated after Trump became president.) The country is still unstable, with Iranian-linked Shiites in power.[114]
  1. Democrat claim: Bringing two Americans infected with Ebola into the U.S. for treatment was more effective than treating them in Liberia where they contracted the virus.[115]
    Reality:  Treatment in Liberia would have been just as effective; bringing the infected individuals back to the U.S. endangered American medical personnel and the U.S. population.[116]


Health Insurance 

  1. Democrat claim: The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, a federally funded program for the poor, improved children’s nutrition.[117]
    Reality:  The well-intentioned program furthers the dependence of the poor on the government.  Its diet restrictions further remove parents from the care of the child.[118]
  1. Democrat claim: The Obamacare bill must be passed. Republicans had to be excluded from participating in developing the bill. Lawmakers would discover what is in the complicated bill only after they passed it.[119]
    Reality:  Because the impact of the bill was not assessed or debated, many bad features resulted, including the loss of a person’s doctor, higher insurance rates, and the transfer of costs from those whose lifestyle makes their healthcare expensive to health-conscious people.[120]
  1. Democrat claim: Under Obamacare, enrollees would be able to keep their doctor and their existing health plans while saving $2500 per year.[121]
    Reality:  These were outright lies by Obama and Democrats. There was no “savings” of $2500 and premiums rose while deductibles skyrocketed. The result was that many people paid more for health insurance that they did not need. A fine, ruled a “tax” by the Supreme Court, was instituted to force mostly healthier young people to participate.[122]
  1. Democrat claim: The Affordable Care Act will provide health insurance to over 20 million uninsured Americans.[123]
    Reality:  The Act violated religious freedom, fined those not wanting insurance, and increased premiums because all pre-existing conditions were covered.[124] Many Americans paid the fine to avoid participation while many companies signed up just to avoid the exorbitant fine on companies.
  1. Democrat claim: Expanded embryonic stem cell research will lead to groundbreaking work in areas including spinal injury treatment and cancer.[125]
    Reality:  No cures have been attributed to the use of embryonic stem cells while many cures can be attributed to the use of adult stem cells.  In addition, the embryonic stem cells are obtained by killing human beings, i.e., children in the womb.[126]
  1. Democrat claim: To be fair, religious institutions must pay for the same healthcare services, including contraception and abortion, as other institutions.[127]
    Reality:  Religious institutions, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, were threatened with prison and confiscation of property if they did not violate their faith by funding contraception and abortion.[128]
  1. Democrat claim: Instituting[129] a penalty under the law on those not purchasing health insurance is fair because all Americans should have health insurance.[130]
    Reality:  Citizens who do not want health insurance are penalized (fined) if they do not buy health insurance – this is the first time that the government requires a citizen to purchase something. (A person who does not own an automobile is not forced to buy automobile insurance.)[131]
  1. Democrat claim: A government threat against health-insurance companies is necessary so citizens are not alarmed by public announcements that Obamacare is the cause for the increased insurance rates.[132]
    Reality:  The government threat kept the truth from the public – a form of lying. The increase was to be expected because the insurance companies were forced to cover people whose lifestyles made them seriously ill (e.g., drug addicts and the sexually promiscuous).[133]

Helping Veterans 

  1. Democrat claim: Democrat programs supported veterans through a $78 billion tuition assistance GI bill.[134]
     The GI bill, a good program from long ago, spent only $11 billion per year, not $78 billion.[135]
  1. Democrat claim: Democrats helped veterans by increasing Department of Veteran Affairs funding.[136]
    Reality:  Most of the increase was due to the mandatory payments to the increasing number of veterans, not to increases to each veteran.[137]
  1. Democrat claim: Democrat programs helped homeless veterans.[138]
    Reality:  Democrat programs greatly favored Muslim immigrants over homeless veterans.[139]

Family welfare 


  1. Democrat claim: My Brother’s Keeper, a White House initiative, will help young minorities achieve their full potential.[140]
    Reality:  Fake news erroneously reported that Trump had canceled the program.[141]  The program was not canceled.  It was transferred to the Obama Foundation.  This potentially beneficial program had no measured outcome.
  1. Democrat claim: Charter Schools in D.C. should be closed in favor of public schools.[142]
    Reality:  Black children, especially, were improving scholastically in Charter Schools because the schools were not hampered by the labor union or government-dictated curriculum material and were safer. [143]
  1. Democrat claim: Thorough Public School sex education, including anal sex, oral sex, and sexual dysphoria but excluding the psychology of sex, is needed to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.[144]
    Reality:  After introducing this type of sex education, crimes against pornography laws greatly increased.[145] Out-of-wedlock childbirth increased.[146]  Sexually transmitted diseases have increased.[147]


  1. Democrat claim: Work requirements for the able-bodied poor, as a condition for receiving welfare benefits, are unjust.[148]
    Reality:  The work requirement obligation cut welfare caseloads in half.[149] Working improves self-esteem.

Religious Liberty/Religion and Politics 

  1. Democrat claim: The National Day of Prayer is no longer relevant because America is no longer a Christian nation.[150]
    Reality:  The National Day of Prayer did not require people to be Christian. It did not require that people believe in God. It continues to be relevant. It was a call for prayer by all, including the 71% of the population that is Christian. The Founding Fathers based their design of the federal government on their Christian principles.[151]
  1. Democrat claim: Any couple, regardless of sexual orientation, must be allowed to marry.[152]
    Reality: Marriage being between one man and one woman has been humankind’s accepted definition and norm for millennia.[153]  There is no need to re-define the meaning of the word “marriage.”  Terms exist for other types of unions (e.g., partnerships).
  1. Democrat claim: Under the public-accommodation law, small private businesses must serve LGBT people in the same manner as they serve all others.[154]
    Reality:  Public accommodation does, in some cases, conflict with religious beliefs and practices. Religious liberty is an explicit statement in the Constitution. Public accommodation is only an interpretation of the Constitution. People should not be forced to serve LGBT people in a way that violates their religious beliefs and practices and a right stated explicitly in the Constitution.[155]


  1. Democrat claim: Bankruptcy laws must be abrogated so workers do not lose their jobs.[156]
    Reality:  The financial structure of corporations depends on bonds. Bankruptcy laws give bondholders the first claim to the corporate assets. Under the Democrats, the government takeover of a failing General Motors violated bankruptcy laws by leaving the bondholders with nothing while giving the stock to the labor union rather than to the bondholders. This action won the union’s support for the Democrats.[157]
  1. Democrat claim: Voter ID is not needed to ensure valid elections.[158]
    Reality:  Voter ID helps keep our election system from becoming corrupted. There are many jurisdictions that have registered voters who have moved out of state or even died. Without Voter ID, cheaters can impersonate those voters.[159]
  1. Democrat claim: Russia can, without disadvantage to the U.S., be given control of 20% of the U.S. uranium reserves.[160]
    Reality:  The U.S. imports 92% of its uranium; selling the reserves to Russia makes the U.S. even more dependent on imports, jeopardizing national security.[161] In this case, the approval of the sale by Hillary Clinton presented a clear conflict of interest because the Clinton Foundation benefitted directly from contributions received near the time of the transaction with Russia.
  1. Democrat claim: The tea-party and conservative groups needed intense scrutiny by the IRS[162] just prior to national elections.[163]
    Reality:  The government gave no justification for this selective scrutiny and slow review of applications. Conservative political groups were investigated by the IRS if their politics and policies were opposed to the those of the Obama Administration. The IRS prevented these organizations from securing tax-exempt status by demanding extensive paperwork not required from Liberal/Democrat organizations and by delaying review of their applications. The IRS, a nominally non-partisan organization, was used for political purposes to suppress the opposition.[164]
  1. Democrat claim: To hasten government action, 30 unelected czars, appointed to various government posts, were needed.[165]
    Reality:  The czars, rather than Cabinet Secretaries, ran their organizations. They were appointed by President Obama so that the approval process, as required for Secretaries, could be circumvented. This undermined the organization of the Federal government and violated Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, which requires such appointments to be approved by the Senate.[166]
  1. Democrat claim: The Republicans colluded with Russians so that Trump would be elected.[167]
    Reality:  As the evidence indicates, the Democrats, not the Republicans, colluded with Russians to stop Trump from becoming President. The collusion included the development of a dossier full of lies, paid for by the Democrat National Committee, and used without corroboration to obtain FISA permission to spy on Republicans.[168]
  1. Democrat claim: Immigration is under federal purview so lawsuits were filed against states to prevent local law enforcement personnel from determining whether suspects were illegal immigrants (AZ, WI, OH, IN).[169]
    Reality:  Illegal immigrants, some of whom were criminals, were avoiding prosecution and deportation because President Obama simply did not want to enforce immigration laws.[170]
  1. Democrat claim: Obama fired Inspector General Walpin because he lost confidence in Walpin.[171]
    Reality:  Walpin was fired by Obama after Walpin found corruption within a section of AmeriCorps that was run by one of Obama’s supporters. The evidence of corruption resulted in AmeriCorps returning approximately $400,000 it had received in grants. No explanation was given for the firing, despite the existence of a law that requires that Congress be given the reasons an IG is fired.[172]
  1. Democrat claim: Welfare recipients are entitled to free cell-phone service, paid for by taxes from other phone users.[173]
    Reality:  The phone tax was designed to subsidize rural telephone customers, not welfare recipients. The Democrats gained the recipients’ votes for the free handout and also accumulated contact information that is so useful for getting out the vote.[174]
  1. Democrat claim: Solyndra, a solar-electric power company, merited a $535 million federal grant to develop better solar panels.[175]
    Reality:  Solyndra, now bankrupt, had executives who were major contributors to the Democrat Party and who were rewarded by receiving grants paid for by taxpayers.[176]
  1. Democrat claim: President Obama’s medical, educational, and ethnic background were not relevant and need not be explored during his presidential election campaign.[177]
    Reality:  Voters have a right to know about the candidates, but President Obama kept his background secret. Did he do well in college and law school? Did he set up liaisons with enemy countries?  Did he set up liaisons with anti-American organizations?[178]
  1. Democrat claim: Gathering data on all citizens is necessary for national security.[179]
    Reality:  The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, lied when he said NSA was not spying without warrants on Americans.[180] Clapper also lied that only metadata was being accessed. The integrity of national intelligence organizations was undermined. The organizations were used for political purposes.
  1. Democrat claim: “Recess appointments” are necessary so the Executive Branch can proceed with its programs.[181]
    Reality:  President Obama did a “recess appointment” when the Senate was not in recess, an unprecedented action that violated the Constitution, thereby undermining the Constitution and law of the land. The people involved were Richard Cordray to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and three members of the National Labor Relations Board. The court found President Obama in violation of the Constitution.[182]
  1. Democrat claim: There was no harm in maintaining an overt political alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, including providing a high-level clearance for Huma Abedin.[183]
    Reality:  The Muslim Brotherhood intends to overthrow our form of government. The Muslim Students Association (MSA) is the foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s infrastructure in the United States. Huma Abedin was a member of the executive board of the MSA and Hillary Clinton’s top adviser and trusted confidant when she was at the State Department. She and Hillary illegally exchanged classified information by unsecured email, thereby jeopardizing the security of the U.S. and some U.S. intelligence agents.[184]
  1. Democrat claim: Motor-voter registration is necessary to ensure that everyone can be registered to vote.[185]
    Reality:  Motor-voter registration requires little proof of citizenship and, in some states, can be done on election day. This laxity opens our election system to voter fraud.[186]
  1. Democrat claim: Sonia Sotomayor was the best choice for serving as a Supreme Court justice. A “daughter of Puerto Rican parents raised in Bronx public housing projects,” she would be the first Hispanic ever to serve as a Supreme Court justice.[187]
    Reality:  Obama’s statement, quoted above, concerning Sotomayor’s nomination leads people to believe that this was a choice based more on ethnicity than on judicial ability, temperament, or knowledge of the law.
  1. Democrat claim: The records of news reporters can be seized without a warrant from the courts.[188]
    Reality:  This intimidation tactic threatens all reporters as well as their potential sources of information.[189] The tactic subverts the rule of law and is illegal because there is no court protection for the reporter.
  1. Democrat claim: Spying without a warrant on private citizens is an acceptable Executive Branch action.[190]
    Reality:  This action violates the Constitutional right to free speech and to privacy and thereby undermines the foundational document of the U.S. [191]
  1. Democrat claim: Legislating by executive order is necessary when Congress acts too slowly or contrary to the agenda of the Executive Branch.[192]
    Reality:  Executive Orders are intended to streamline the process of regulating operations within government agencies. They are not intended to make laws. That is Congress’ function. The Democrats used Executive Orders to bypass a Congress resistant to President Obama’s agenda. [193]
  1. Democrat claim: The settlement for the damage done by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could be negotiated between BP and President Obama. [194]
    Reality:  Only the Congress and the courts can decide on a settlement for damages. Without court action, BP was required to pay $20 billion into a fund controlled by Kenneth Feinberg, the government’s so-called “Pay Czar” and one of Obama’s political appointees. Feinberg, rather than courts, determined how the $20 billion was to be distributed.[195]
  1. Democrat claim: Character assassination is permissible during election campaigns.[196]
    Reality:  Democrats have used character assassination to deflect attention from issues to individual candidates. Meaningful discussions of important issues are sacrificed in favor of destroying the reputation of opposing candidates with lies, innuendo, and ridicule. Because the main-stream media is biased toward Democrats, Republicans suffer most from this form of attack; therefore, we can expect fewer people to want to run as Republicans.[197]
  1. Democrat claim: The bureaucracy of the “Deep State” is necessary to provide continuity in government after elections.[198]
    Reality:  Obama holdovers, including agency heads and their subordinates, are dedicated to continuing policies from that regime even though the citizens elected Donald Trump.[199]
  1. Democrat claim: Interfering in foreign elections, as Russia did, is “the wrong thing to do.”[200]
    Reality: Russian interference was only by words, not by changing the voting results.  Such foreign involvement is not uncommon.  The Obama State Department gave funds to an Israeli anti-Netanyahu group in an attempt to influence the election in Israel[201] and openly expressed support for Macron in the French election.[202]
  1. Democrat claim: All conversations between the President and a foreign leader should be made public.[203]
    Reality: Public negotiations stifle open exchanges.  The conclusions of negotiations and the reasons supporting the conclusions should be public.  Obama promised outgoing Russian President Medvedev that, after Obama’s re-election, he would have more flexibility in his policies toward Russia – caught on an inadvertent open mic[204], so Trump’s private conversations with other foreign leaders is not new.
















































































[79] (Item 18 on the list at this website)

[80] (Item 18 on the list at this website)





























































































































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