Zero Tolerance: FCRC Stance on Election Fraud

Josh Baumgartner

The fight for the integrity of the election process and against election fraud took a big step forward Wednesday in Fairfax. The General Registrar for Fairfax County, Ms. Cameron Quinn, was presented with a challenge to the registration of over 14,500 voters in Fairfax County. The challenge was based upon information showing that those voters are registered to vote in both Fairfax County and Maryland.

The challenge was made by Mr. Reagan George, President of the Virginia Voters Alliance (VVA), on behalf of himself and three other residents of Fairfax County, under the provisions of Section 24.2-429 of the Code of Virginia. This statute allows citizens to challenge voter registrations by submitting a letter to their local registrars.

In response to this development, Matt Ames — Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee –stated, “Fairfax County Republicans are committed to a policy of zero tolerance for election fraud. Trust in the fairness of our elections is essential to public support for our system of government, and the integrity of the voter rolls is essential to ensuring that fairness. This is not a partisan issue, but fundamental to good government, and we will work to ensure that our voting system functions properly and fairly.”

The VVA challenge will assist the General Registrar in cleaning up the voter registration lists in Fairfax County to ensure that only qualified individuals can vote. The FCRC urges the General Registrar to pursue this objective vigorously, and we thank the VVA for undertaking this effort.