Operations Plan 2017

Fairfax County Republican Committee

2017 Operations Plan

Adopted MAY 23, 2017

Matt Ames, Chairman

Ryan Thomas, Vice Chairman of Operations


Mission Statement: Our mission is to recruit, organize and train volunteers to support the Republican nominees for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General and the House of Delegates (running in districts that cover Fairfax County) for Fall 2017.  The campaigns for the Republican nominees for these offices are hereafter referred to as the “Campaigns” in this document.


As a unit of the Republican Party of Virginia (“RPV”), we seek to build a powerful political operation in Fairfax County that will enable the Fairfax County Republican Committee (“FCRC”) to recruit qualified candidates and win long-term in Fairfax County in statewide, and local races.  We plan to use our 2017 efforts to lay the ground work for our efforts during the 2017 US Congressional and Senatorial races.


Further, we will defend and promote: our President, political appointees under attack from Democrats and affiliated groups, and all elected Republicans, including local and statewide elected officials. We further plan to use our FCRC email lists to publicize opportunities for speakers, rallies, and cultural events as needed in concert with like-minded groups. To further these purposes, the FCRC is authorized to undertake any other action deemed by the leadership to be in furtherance of our overall mission.


Schedule: We will maintain a detailed calendar of specific dates and milestones and update that list regularly (no less than monthly).  The schedule and Operations Plan will provide a detailed road map of next steps, where we stand, and what is expected of volunteers and Precinct Captains. See Attachment A.


  • Vice Chairman for Operations: The Vice Chairman for Operations (Operations Chairman) oversees the development and execution of the Operations Plan, including each Operations Function listed below. The Operations Chairman sets the agenda for and chairs monthly meetings of the County Operations Committee, and reports to the Chairman and the Executive Committee on the activities of the Operations Committee.
  • County Operations Committee: The Operations Committee includes the County Chairman ex-officio, the Operations Chairman , the County First Vice Chairman, the County Second Vice Chairman, and One (1) member from each Magisterial District (hereafter referred to as “District Operations Chair”), who is appointed by the Operations Chairman with the approval of the respective District Chairman. In addition, the County Chairman is authorized to appoint additional members, not to exceed four (4), to the Operations Committee.  The Community Engagement Committee (“CEC”) will be invited to participate on the Operations Committee.  The Operations Committee is responsible for developing the Operations Plan and coordinating implementation of the Operations Plan with the campaigns, the RPV/Victory staff working in the County, and each Magisterial District.  The Operations Chairman reports on the progress of the Operations Committee’s plans and activities at each FCRC meeting.
  • Magisterial District Chairs: Magisterial Districts are responsible for: (1) recruiting and training Precinct Captains; (2) holding additional walks in cooperation with appropriate campaign offices (including Get-out-the-Vote or “GOTV”); (3) recruiting and organizing volunteers to ensure proper staffing at in-person absentee voting locations, Back to School Nights (“BTSN”), precincts (both outside and inside) for primaries and on Election Day, and local festivals, fairs and other events; (4) assisting in the organization of local candidate Meet & Greets; (5) assisting with the tracking of District-level statistics; and (6) coordinating Precinct Captain and volunteer efforts in their District.
  • FCRC Membership: Each FCRC member is responsible for taking an active role in the execution of the Operations Plan, including (but not limited to) voter contact, Get-out-the-Vote, Election Day events, and volunteer recruitment.

Operational Functions

  1. Monthly Operations Committee Meetings: The Operations Committee will hold monthly meetings to coordinate efforts referred to in items 2 through 12 below. Furthermore, representatives from the Campaigns and RPV/Victory will be invited to these meetings with the primary goal of assisting with such coordination efforts.  These efforts include coordinating the use of FCRC resources to cover calendar events, phone banking and canvassing, BTSN staffing, GOTV efforts, and Election Day coverage.
  2. Coordination with Campaigns: In addition to the specific tasks described below, it is essential that the Operations Committee and the Operations Chairman first determine the needs of the individual Campaigns and of the statewide “Victory” operation conducted by RPV in the County, and then do whatever is possible to assist with meeting those needs.  As of the date of approval of this Plan, RPV has hired two individuals to conduct field operations in the County, and intends to hire at least one more.  This team is in the process of recruiting volunteers, who are being asked to conduct door-to-door canvasses, and may later be asked to assist with telephone calling and staffing at community events.  To avoid duplication of effort, to ensure sharing of resources, and to help with retaining volunteers and building the FCRC’s organization for the next election cycle, it is critical that FCRC build strong and productive working relationships with the RPV/Victory staff.

After the June 13 primary, the RPV/Victory staff will move into a supporting role and the campaign of our nominee for Governor will take the lead.  While FCRC will work as appropriate with our local House of Delegates Campaigns and with the other statewide Campaigns, our primary effort will always be to work with RPV/Victory and the nominee for Governor.  That race will get the most attention from voters and will lead the ticket, and a strong campaign for Governor will help all the other candidates.

  1. Voter Identification: We will conduct, in conjunction with the Campaigns, phone banking and canvassing.
    1. Phone Banking: FCRC will coordinate phone banking with the Campaigns and with RPV/Victory. At this stage, it appears that phone banking will be a secondary effort, behind the door-to-door effort.
    2. Voter Database and ID Technology: At this stage, we have been told that all of the delegate campaigns and RPV/Victory will be using I-360.  The primary method of recording canvassing results will be the I-360 smartphone canvassing application, although paper walkbooks can be prepared upon request.  District Chairmen, the Operations Chairman, and headquarters staff will have access to I-360, as well as GOP DataCenter.  FCRC headquarters is in the process of arranging for training on I-360 for those individuals who will have access. It is possible that the nominee for Governor will choose to use another system, in which case adjustments will be made later.
    3. Super Saturday Canvass: We will host one Super Saturday canvass each month during the months of July through October. It will focus on volunteer recruitment, promoting the party, and promoting the candidates of the Campaigns. The focus of Super Saturday canvass events, during which walk books and the I-360 smartphone canvassing application will be used, will be determined based upon decisions made in the monthly Operations Committee meetings after consultation with the Campaigns and RPV/Victory, and the direction provided by the FCRC Executive Committee and the County Chairman.
    4. District/Precinct Level Canvassing: Magisterial District Chairs, District Operations Chairs, Precinct Captains and volunteers are encouraged to canvass on their own. They may organize additional group walks or spread out walks through out a given period of time. These walks can focus on voter identification and/or recruiting new volunteers.  FCRC will work with Magisterial District Chairs, District Operations Chairs, and Precinct Captains to prepare targeted walk books and provide I-360 app training that meet the needs of the event.  After the June 13 primary, these walks should also be coordinated with RPV/Victory or the local House Campaigns.

Organizing canvasses in addition to the monthly Super Saturdays is the responsibility of the each District Operations Chair.  They will coordinate with the host of the location, recruit volunteers to walk, and be present to oversee the canvass.

FCRC will provide copies of literature it has developed or literature provided by the Campaigns for the Super Saturday canvass events.

  1. Marketing: The FCRC will review marketing practices to identify ways of enhancing how it strategically reaches its voters and supporters to include, but not limited to, digital marketing and social media.
  2. Fairs, Festivals and Farmers Markets: We will have a presence at the fairs and events listed on Attachment A. Magisterial District Chairs, District Operations Chairs, the CEC, and Executive Director will coordinate the staffing of these events with volunteers.  We will also develop FCRC literature and posters for use at these fairs/events as needed.
  3. Precinct Captain/Volunteer Training: The FCRC will host locally focused Precinct Captain and volunteer training sessions throughout the summer beginning in July at its headquarters. These sessions will be organized, scheduled, and coordinated between the Vice Chair of Operations, the Magisterial District Chairs, and the District Operations Chairs.  These training sessions will provide instruction to Precinct Captains, co-captains, block captains, District Chairs, activists, and other volunteers.  The purpose of these training sessions is to provide tools and ideas for how they can make a meaningful impact on November’s races.  The instructors will be experienced grassroots activists who will provide helpful tips and best practices for all levels of volunteers.  To the extent resources are available Magisterial District Chair and his or her District Operations Chairs will be responsible for holding training sessions at the Magisterial District level.
  4. Voter Registration: Voter registration efforts will be the responsibility of the Campaigns, primarily RPV/Victory. Should the Campaigns request volunteers to help in these efforts, the FCRC will assist in recruiting by appropriate means and direct interested individuals to the Campaigns.  The Campaigns shall be responsible for complying and following Virginia state election laws pertaining to voter registration efforts.  FCRC members wishing to organize voter registration events will be put in contact with RPV/Victory.
  5. Absentee Voter Program: We will conduct an absentee voter program in accordance to the such programs developed by the Campaigns. This effort will be coordinated with the Elections Committee.

Each Magisterial District Chairman also will recruit volunteers to staff the outside/inside of any in-person absentee ballot voting locations during peak hours prior to the Election.  The Braddock District, with assistance from FCRC headquarters, will take the lead on staffing in-person absentee ballot voting at the County Government Center, and the other Magisterial District Chairs will be primarily responsible for the in-person absentee ballot location in his or her district.

  1. Back to School Night: We will have volunteers outside of each BTSN event at all public schools in the county. Magisterial District Chairs and District Operations Chairs will be responsible for recruiting volunteers and coordinating efforts at each location.  The Vice Chairman of Operations and Executive Director shall coordinate the development of a BTSN piece in cooperation with the Operations Committee, RPV Field Director, and the Campaigns.  The FCRC will also be responsible for the printing of the BTSN literature and bundling into school specific packets.  These packets will be distributed to the Magisterial District Chairs, who will then be responsible for getting the packets to their volunteers.
  2. Get-Out-the-Vote (“GOTV”): We will hold 72-hour GOTV walks/events on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday before the Election. We will also coordinate with the Campaigns to expand this effort to the prior weekend before the Election as well, if requested.   Each Magisterial District will be required to set a reasonable goal for the number of precincts to be covered based on its capabilities and volunteers available. Such goal will be reported to the Operations Committee no later than October 1, 2017.  These goals and the overall plan are subject to change, after discussion with RPV/Victory.  Distribution of walk books, scripts, and literature handouts will be coordinated between the FCRC and the Campaigns.
  3. Election Day: Our Election Day coverage will include three parts: (1) standard outside poll coverage, (2) Republican election officers, and (3) inside coverage for fraud/process. To the extent resources are available, the Operations Committee and FCRC may also explore programs to help transport voters requiring special assistance to the polls.
    1. Outside Coverage: Each Magisterial District Chair shall ensure that at least one volunteer is located outside of each precinct at all times while the polls are open on Election Day (November 7). The outside coverage schedule is due to the Executive Director and the Operations Chairman by October 23rd.
    2. Election Officers: The Operations Committee will designate an FCRC member, not already on the Operations Committee, who is willing to lead FCRC’s efforts in this area. Election Officer recruiting will begin in May.  Training times at the County Government Center will be distributed to the membership.  This effort will be coordinated with the Elections Committee.
    3. Inside Poll Coverage (Fraud/Process): Each Magisterial District Chair is responsible for having volunteers work inside certain precincts during peak hours monitoring for fraud and ensuring an orderly election process. The focus will be on precincts identified as having had problems in the past.  The Magisterial District Chairs and FCRC will also coordinate with RPV/Victory and the Campaigns regarding any operation the Campaigns may wish to conduct to track and contact voters.  Each Magisterial District will be required to set a reasonable goal for the number of precincts to be covered and such goal will be reported to the Operations Committee no later than September 1, 2017.  Six training sessions will be offered to volunteers working inside the polls.  There will be two training sessions each month in August, September, and October.  Specific dates will be set by July 1st. All Precinct Captains are expected to attend one of these training sessions.  Election Day volunteers are strongly encouraged, but not required, to attend.  This effort will be coordinated with the Elections Committee.
  4. Training: As discussed above, there will be two primary types of training coordinated at the county level:
    • Precinct Captain and Volunteer Training
    • Inside Poll Coverage Training

In addition, Magisterial District Chairs will each hold a district-level sanctioned meeting/training for their members in July or August.  District Chairs also will be responsible for training precinct captains and are encouraged to share their training materials with other members of the Operations Committee.  The Operations Committee also shall develop county-wide training materials.

  1. Tracking Progress & Institutional Data: Each Magisterial District Chair shall assist the Operations Chairman and the Executive Director by providing updated statistics and a current list of Precinct Captain on a monthly basis. The list of Precinct Captains will be kept confidential and will not be distributed to individual campaigns without the prior approval of the applicable Magisterial District Chair.  In addition, FCRC will first coordinate with the appropriate Magisterial District Chair before contacting any Precinct Captains under their purview.