Foust Flip-Flops on BOS Salary Increase‏

Media Contact:
Josh Baumgartner

Fairfax, VA – In 2002, as a potential candidate for the Board of Supervisors, John Foust opposed a potential Supervisor salary increase. The Connection newspaper quoted him as saying “I think the supervisors earn more than that, but as a matter of public policy, I am not sure they should be paid more than that . . . . There should be a sacrifice that comes with public service.” Yesterday, Supervisor Foust cast the deciding vote to increase Supervisors’ salaries by $20,000 a year.

The 6-4 vote comes at a time when Fairfax County is facing a projected revenue gap of $90 million and all warnings point to reduced funds for every County program and initiative. Supervisor Pat Herrity has consistently voiced his opposition to the raise, “I could not vote to fund a raise at a time when our County Executive says we cannot afford to fund all of our priorities and our residents don’t have the option to simply increase their pay to fund the Board’s salary and benefit increases.”

Why, then, has Supervisor Foust decided this is a good time to raise his salary? Maybe it’s because it’s not his money. As a member of the Board, Foust never says “no” to an opportunity to raise taxes. During his time on the Board, he has repeatedly shown his disregard for the interests of taxpayers by supporting or voting for increases in meals taxes, property taxes, and medical device taxes – to name a few. Fairfax County residents have seen a 14% tax increase over the last 3 years thanks to policies Foust has supported. Now he is putting himself ahead of the taxpayers by voting to increase his salary.

Supervisor Foust wouldn’t recognize the John Foust from 2002. What happened to the “sacrifice that comes with public service,” Mr. Foust?

Fortunately, this November we can replace John Foust. On November 3, 2015, the voters of Dranesville District can elect someone who will walk the walk when it comes to service over self, and put an end to the ever-increasing burdens being put on Fairfax County taxpayers.