Fairfax County Republican Committee
Eric Johnson
Executive Director

Fairfax, Virginia – March 25, 2017 – The Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC) held a Straw Poll & Candidate Forum this morning at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax. More than 300 Virginia voters participated. Mr. Ed Gillespie won the straw poll for the position of Governor with 55.84% of the vote. Senator Jill Vogel won the straw poll for the position of Lt. Governor with 64.36% of the vote. And Mr. John Adams won the straw poll for the position of Attorney General with 61.69% of the vote.

Following the event, FCRC Chairman Matt Ames said, “1 in 7 Virginia voters lives in Fairfax County. No candidate has been elected Governor of the Commonwealth without also carrying Fairfax County in more than 30 years – and that includes Republican Governors McDonnell, Gilmore, and Allen. Winning in Fairfax County is the key to winning in Virginia.  The FCRC is looking forward to working with a strong statewide ticket after the June primary, and we will be ready to make that happen.”

For more information on FCRC, please visit www.fairfaxgop.org.

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