Fairfax County Republican Committee’s Volunteer of the Year!

Toan Dang has been selected as the Fairfax County Republican Committee’s Volunteer of the Year.

Toan first became active in Republican Party politics as a college student in the late 1980’s. He joined The Fairfax County Republican Committee (FCRC) in 2014.

FCRC Chairman Matt Ames explained why Toan received the award. “Toan Dang has made it his personal mission to encourage the leadership of the Vietnamese community in Northern Virginia to work with the Republican Party, and to help the Party by opening doors we didn’t know were there.  He makes sure that we know about every important event in the community, constantly urges our elected officials and party leaders to attend, and introduces them to key members of the community.  This requires constant, sustained effort to be effective.  There is no question that Toan’s persistence is the single reason that we have developed a much closer and stronger relationship with the Vietnamese community in just the last two years than ever before.”

In addition to his many other contributions as a volunteer, Toan assisted in translating the Creed of the Republican Party of Virginia into Vietnamese so it can be more widely disseminated and understood.

Congratulations, Toan!


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