The Fairfax County Republican Committee

logo 2The Fairfax County Republican Committee serves as the structural support and nominating body for Republican candidates here in the largest populated county in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We seek to elect strong Republican candidates to elected office at every level to promote and enact effective common sense policies locally, in Virginia, and at the federal level.

FCRC also works to grow our party membership, educate potential voters about our party platform and to encourage every citizen to become active in their city, state and federal government as well to make their voice heard through the ballot box in every election. Our events and meetings are open to the public, and feature many guest speakers who are elected representatives from throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. To learn more about becoming a member, please click here.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we encourage anyone with questions or comments as they relate to committee business to contact us via email, phone, mail, or by coming into the FCRC office in Fairfax City.