A Special Thank You to our Volunteers!

During 2016, FCRC had more than 2,000 volunteers help out in various ways. If you were one of those outstanding volunteers, THANK YOU! FCRC is a grassroots driven and volunteer run organization. Everything we do is only possible because of the generous donation of time and money by so many across the county.

Each year we have a special dinner to honor and recognize some of our volunteers in each district that went above and beyond and made a huge difference all year long.

The next time you see these individuals, please thank them for their hard work in 2016.

BRADDOCK DISTRICT: Tony Vellucci, Bart Marcois, Curt Herrick, Jeff Cash, and Nancy Krakover.
DRANESVILLE DISTRICT: Anne Snyder, Mary Ann Daly, David Chen, Carla Lanzara, and Mary Lou Christy.
HUNTER MILL DISTRICT: Holly Tunstall, Paul Bolon, Tom Merrill, Kathy McGuire, and Chuck Leinberry.
LEE DISTRICT: Andrew Risk, Barbara O’Kane, Joseph Malley, John Tuchscherer, and Nancy Almasi.
MASON DISTRICT: Glenn Horning, Gwen Cody, Samuel Watson, Bob Wallace, and Melissa Beaudoin.
MOUNT VERNON DISTRICT: Tamas Simon, Chris Reams, Clio Long, Heather Reams, and Paul Dresser.
PROVIDENCE DISTRICT: Cathy Sue Leslie, Teresa Basson, Eric Jones, Stephan Brady, and Ross Witter.
SPRINGFIELD DISTRICT: Pam Heminger, Christine Cavaleri, Lane Brooks, and Tyna Gaylor.
SULLY DISTRICT: Bill Mulholland, Dick Griffith, Frank Anstett, Kent Miller, and Meg Kilgannon.
COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE: Anh Tu Do, Juan Carlos Lopez, and Suzanne Spikes.
FAIRFAX COUNTY-WIDE: John Schaefer, Valerie Wohlleben, and Toan Dang.

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